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Spring has Sprung Childhood Memories

Here in upstate New York, there are still remnants of our snowy, cold winter to be seen and felt on this day before Easter. I don’t remember Easter being this cold when I was a kid, although it does fall early this year.

I grew up here, and have fond memories of Easter bonnets with ribbons trailing down my back, shiny patent leather shoes and purses, pastel dresses, and of course, lace gloves to complete the look. When we were young, my parents took myself and my three sisters shopping every spring for our Easter ensemble. It was great fun for us; I’m not sure my Dad felt the same (being a typical man who hates shopping- especially for women’s clothing), but he never complained as we considered each and every item in the store before making our final selection. And on Easter morning, after breakfast was eaten and the hidden Easter baskets were found, there was always the photo taken by my dad with us lined up outside in our Easter finery before church. After church, we would go out to a restaurant for a wonderful holiday meal. My dad would tell us to get whatever we wanted- and we did! It was something we looked forward to every year, and I always hated to see the day end.

This comes to mind today because I’m thinking about my dad. He passed away last month after suffering from a progressive illness for the last 20 years. Although I’m too old now for Easter bonnets, I miss the traditions of my youth, and most of all, I’m feeling a little melancholy as I face my first Easter without my dad. I hope he knows how much I love him, and how much I appreciate the things he did for us when he was here.

Happy Easter, Dad. I miss you.